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Teaching Grammar creatively to Adults

Not only kids like games!

This 4-hour workshop is designed in a way to give you as much of my experience as possible. That is why it is divided into two parts.

The first half of the workshop is devoted to brainstorming ideas connected with using various games/ cards/puzzles. This way, with one resource we can teach a variety of structures, which means less copying and more creativity!
The second part of the workshop is discovering what technology can do to help us achieve that WOW factor in class. I'll show you free online platforms that can easily be used in your classroom and engage all students in the process.

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What you'll get:

98 Imaginarium cards

the Russian equivalent of DIXIT.

cards not available anywhere in Poland!

My 40-page book with games

The result of 8 years of creating / adapting/ changing games to suit students' needs.

the know-how of some very useful onlne platforms

Certificate of Attendance

+ coffee / tea / sweets
and loads of fun!

Would you like something else? In your city?

Contact us and I’m sure we’ll be able to accommodate!


    Taming Phrasal Verbs

    You'll get:

    • The ins
    • and outs
    • of teaching
    • phrasals in
    • different ways 🙂

    The Magic of Powerpoint

    You'll create:

    • step-by-step lessons
    • animated slides
    • incorporate pictures, videos, audio
    • mind maps, graphs, diagrams
    • Future lessons take NO TIME to prepare