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How to Tame Phrasal Verbs and Make Students Digest Them

I bet that whenever you mention phrasal verbs to your students they shiver, roll their eyes, or bluntly tell you it's so difficult they don't want to learn them. In this workshop I'll show you that phrasals can be fun to teach if we have the right methods and tasks to help our students learn them!

Teach phrasals using:

Post-It notes

Mind maps

On-line tools


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The Magic of Powerpoint

You'll create:

  • step-by-step lessons
  • animated slides
  • incorporate pictures, videos, audio
  • mind maps, graphs, diagrams
  • Future lessons take NO TIME to prepare

Teaching Grammar Creatively

You'll get:

  • 98 Imaginarium cards
  • Book with my grammar games
  • Certificate
  • Coffee / tea/sweets
  • Chance to win more games!