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Tailored Business Workshops

The course is divided into specific sections that cover specific business areas one at a time. It is not a standard Business English course (which usually takes about a year of study) as the topics are specifically chosen by you to suit your needs. The word “workshop” is the key. Students rely on the knowledge they already have and simply expand it. They are taught various new techniques, functional language, take active part in role-plays etc. This course is more demanding than others as students need to have at least some basic knowledge on the subject. It is based on materials from various Business English Course books, “How to” guides, authentic materials etc.

Recommended level >B1+

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Small groups

Number of students in a group: 1-6

a variety of modules to choose from

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can be combined with a supplementary course

Let's talk grammar!
Let's talk!

can be combined with a standard course

Business English Course
General English Course

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More information:

  • You choose four workshops to be covered in the next four months.
  • Each workshop takes 6-8h to complete (approx. a month) and ends with an assessment.
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Workshop topics:

  • Small Talk / Building Relationships (recommended as the first in a series to get to know each other)
  • The Art of Writing Effective E-mails
  • Phone Calls
  • The Language of Diplomacy and Politeness
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations (depending on the amount of topics to cover might take 12h)
  • Taking Part in Meetings
  • Business Travel

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