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Owner, Language Trainer

Kasia Warszynska

As a graduate of the Pedagogical University of Kraków, with an MA in English Philology, I am confident that I can provide you with a variety of opportunities to successfully build your language skills and facilitate your professional success.

I am a Grade A, CELTA-certified instructor with over eight years of experience teaching English in three different countries: the United Kingdom, Russia, and Poland.

In Russia, I worked for two years at International House – the biggest and most successful school in Moscow. During my time there, I gained extensive experience with various age groups, levels, and courses. I prepared students for Cambridge exams, taught Super Intensive courses, Business English and more.

When I came to the UK in 2014, I started working for Milton Keynes College. My experience from Russia proved extremely useful, as I had to create my own course curricula for each group of learners – which involved careful consideration of students from various social and educational backgrounds. Consequently, differentiation was an essential part of my teaching process. I learned to focus on individuals and their needs in greater detail. My individual approach and methods were much appreciated by my seniors, and I received OFSTED grade 1 (outstanding) for both my Observation slots.

I’ve had a Youtube channel for more than seven years where I’ve taught English (idioms, pronunciation, Matura exam strategies) and vlogged. I have more than 11k subscribers and am known as “Broszka”.

It is also important to mention that, in my formative years, I lived in Montreal, Canada and attended Canadian schools. I acquired English naturally (like an English native speaker), and when my family returned to Poland I continued to nurture it. Consequently, after more than 25 years of using the English language and teaching it for more than 8 years, I can say that I am a bilingual Polish-English speaker.

Now back in Kraków and ready to help you!

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Lata doświadczenia w nauczaniu

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zadowolonych kursantów

Anatomy and Physiology Instructor and Laboratory Supervisor,
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan, USA

Jarek Kozal

Having nearly twenty-five years experience in the art of teaching and science education, I come to Expressis Verbis with a wealth of educational and pedagogical expertise at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.

The majority of my teaching and laboratory experience is in the biomedical sciences field, where I have taught thousands of university students who are pursuing degrees in nursing, radiologic and imaging sciences, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, exercise science, and athletic training.

This experience, along with over ten years combined experience in hospital, veterinary, and anatomy and physiology teaching laboratories, have made me a well-rounded instructor who has a passion for the health sciences and a strong desire to empower learners through the use of many learning modalities.

It is my pleasure to have been asked by Kasia to join her team as an instructor of English for Medicine courses. I look forward to facilitating your English mastery of medical terminology and guiding you in accomplishing your personal and professional goals.

Jarek (Jeff) Kozal

years combined experience in veterinary, hospital, and teaching laboratories

years of teaching experience at the secondary and post-secondary levels

pass rate of my students

students every year

Over 30 years of teaching experience in total resulted in creating the proprietary PARASOL method of teaching. In order to truly master the English language, one must actively engage in this method. We at Expressis Verbis do everything in our power to help you:

Practice & Produce
Analyze & Acquire
Recall & Relate
Apply & Achieve
Solve & Succeed
Order & Optimize
Learn & Lead

We believe that implementing all of the above bit by bit will help any learner succeed.

P, jak Practice & Produce czyli ćwicz i mów –  koncentrujemy się przede wszystkim na rozwijaniu umiejętności konwersacji

A, jak Analyze & Acquire czyli analizuj i nabywaj (wiedzę) – dzięki naszemu ciągłemu wsparciu wiesz, jakie osiągasz postępy

R jak Recall & Relate  czyli przypomnij i ugruntuj – testy i quizy pozwolą Ci utrwalić nabytą wiedzę

We give you the opportunity for self-correction to reach the second “A”.
(Apply & Achieve)

We coach you, give you tips and skills for independent learning to incorporate the “S”.
(Solve & Succeed)

Our lessons are focused on your goals whether the big or small to make the “O” possible.
(Order & Optimize)

Finally, we give you the opportunity to teach your peers, help them grow, which means you grow as well with the “L”.
(Learn & Lead)

To find out more about our methods and classes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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