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Kasia is the best teacher I’ve ever known. She presents great attitude and individual approach. She is able to prepare lessons for everyone and for every single topic, furthermore, Kasia has wide range of materials which are very helpful for students. Without any doubts, lessons with her are always fruitful. // Kasia jest najlepszym nauczycielem

„I like that all of Kasia’s lessons are in Powerpoint. It is very visual and helps before any tests because Kasia always sends us the materials. Whenever we asks for more practice Kasia sends us additional grammar exercises. And is able to think on her feet (an idiom i learned!) – we ask a lot

„The lectures were fantastic, everything was explained in full and often in multiple ways. The online assignments helped a lot, too. The powerpoints were great, and probably helped the most when preparing for the lecture exams. Having all the information outlined with important vocabulary words bolded made it very easy to go back and review

„Professor Kozal has been the best professor I’ve had throughout all 3 semesters at GV. It is clear he really cares about his students and wants you to do well. He makes it clear what you need to do to succeed and how to do it. He even provided the class with games to do

„Yes I believe this class was intellectually stimulating. I took anatomy in high school and Professor Kozal took it one step farther and pushed us to learn the little details and it was challenging at times.”