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Tailored Business Workshops The course is divided into specific sections that cover specific business areas one at a time. It is not a standard Business English course (which usually takes about a year of study) as the topics are specifically chosen by you to suit your needs. The word “workshop” is the key. Students rely
Standard Business English Courses This course is designed around existing Business English Course books and authentic materials. The teacher (after testing each student and assigning them to a group) chooses a Course book to be covered in the next 10/12 months. You can decide whether you would also like to have access to an online
English for Specific Purposes English for Professionals This course is designed for students who need to develop vocabulary in specific areas of English. The materials are based on recognized course books from various publishing houses (Oxford, Cambridge) and authentic materials / case studies. This course can be easily combined with a supplementary course or grammar
Standard General English Courses This course is designed for students who would like to improve their general knowledge: grammar, vocabulary and practice speaking, listening, reading skills. We also recommend this type of course for beginners before they move on to Business English. The course is based on General English Course books on the market (you
Let’s talk grammar! Many students are quite comfortable in speaking or writing emails but still struggle with basic grammar or more difficult structures. The supplementary Grammar courses are designed in a way to help students overcome their fear of “incorrect English” and/or help them systematize the knowledge they have. The magic of this course is: